Welcome to the 2019 World Whale Conference

8 - 11th October, 2019

The 2019 World Whale Conference hosted by Fraser Coast Tourism and Events and the World Cetacean Alliance will be in Hervey Bay, in Queensland, Australia.

The theme for this year's conference is ‘Journeys that Inspire Change’

Delegates will hear from speakers, and discuss and share evidence, to better understand how we can improve and ensure the protection of cetaceans in Australia and worldwide. Delegates will also participate in themed workshops that share ideas and best practices on the work already underway to protect cetaceans.


Why should I attend?

Journeys that inspire change will critically examine and celebrate the incredible voyages undertaken by both whales, the people who study them and all who depend on them. We will consider how to best prepare for future journeys.

This conference will unite all stakeholders in cetacean welfare and conservation including the scientific, NGO and ocean advocate communities, educators, artists, students, travel and tourism industry, and the general public.

Together, and using the latest scientific research, conservation, tourism and cultural heritage, we will explore how our links with whales can drive positive change. We will examine how the incredible migrations of whales are fostering new local, national and international partnerships with the human communities on which these incredible animals will ultimately depend for their very future.

This, all within the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WWC2019 will focus on capacity development for attendees through the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and idea sharing by means of workshops, discussions and networking.   

Benefits for Attendees:

  • Benefit from attending a conference and capacity building workshops on critical cetacean issues alongside national and international speakers and representatives from diverse perspectives
  • An opportunity to share or showcase projects or work
  • Excursions, dinners and cultural activities will foster networking and collaborative opportunities
  • Participate in activities with the aim of leaving a lasting legacy for Hervey Bay and surrounds
  • Experience Hervey Bay as a premiere global destination for responsible tourism and whale conservation
  • Further examine the cultural, economic, social and environmental value that cetaceans have worldwide

Topics will include:

  • Understanding whale migrations and their significance for marine conservation
  • Promoting sustainable whale and dolphin tourism for tourists and local communities
  • Exploring our cultural and artistic connections with migrating whales
  • Maximising the power of cetaceans to inspire positive human behaviour change to protect our oceans


Click here to see the Conference program 


Dylan Walker, CEO of the World Cetacean Alliance said:

"This conference is for everybody interested in marine conservation and ecotourism. The WCA is encouraging interested parties globally, including stakeholders across Australia, to participate in discussions to help protect and celebrate cetaceans and their habitats. As an international partnership it is very important for us to reach out to our colleagues and welcome them to this important event."

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Artwork by Burralangi